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Eastern Mechanical is an automotive service center. The center performs standard routine services and is known for their brake specialists. They are very good at what they do and is rated as one of the top automotive businesses in Australia. Their staff is highly trained and have different fields of expertise.

You can expect great service from Eastern Mechanical. They do very thorough checks on all vehicle parts. They do not replace parts unnecessarily and do not charge you for things you don’t need. They value their customers and great service is their number one priority. They are transparent about assessments and service policy. They communicate with customers about problems and parts.

Eastern Mechanical started out as two guys fixing cars. Today, they are one of the top automotive centers you can find. They guarantee top quality repairs and parts and will make sure that your car comes out of its service looking and running like it is brand new.

At Eastern Mechanical, it is not just about fixing the problems in a car. It is about giving it back in a better condition than it was when they received it. Our mechanics and specialists love their work and do whatever they have to, to make sure that your car is treated like you would treat it.