7 things You Can Do To Help Extend the Life of Your Brakes Without Frustrating Drivers Behind You

The brakes on your car is a matter of life and death. If they are not working well or at all, you should not be driving. Many different things can damage and wear out your brakes. Factors ranging from speeding to where you drive influence how long your brakes last. We have a few tips for prolonging the life of your brakes.

Coast. Coasting is one of the best ways to lose speed before braking. This will give your brakes longer life and less wear.

Only brake with the right foot. This might sound strange, but only braking with the right foot means that you cannot push down both the petrol and the brake pedal at the same time.

Timing. When you are driving or anticipating traffic, check the cars and traffic lights ahead of you. This will help you anticipate stops, slow moving traffic, and where you will have to brake. This will also help you save your brakes.

Bleeding and flushing. This practice refers to changing your brake fluid regularly. The brake fluid helps your brakes function well and keeps the brake system healthy and clean.

Avoid speeding. The faster you drive, the harder your brakes have to work to stop. This is one of the biggest things that wear brakes very quickly.

Think ahead. If you drive the same road every day and know the spots where people might suddenly brake, remember it and work around it. You could pass them or slow down earlier to spare your brakes.

Weight factors. The weight of the car, as well as things that you may transport in your car, could be causing your brakes to wear out faster. Avoid transporting heavy things and also look out for the weight of your vehicle next time you buy a new car.

If you follow these simple tips, you will not have to replace your brakes with every service. It will save you money and keep your car in a good condition.